The Greatest War Film

  • Netflix Has Added The Greatest War Film Since 'Saving Private Ryan'

    Film fans on the website Ranker agreed fairly recently that Saving Private Ryan is the best war film there's even been. When it comes to tear-jerking drama and grisly action, Steven Spielberg's 1999 classic is very hard to top.

    But according to JOE, Netflix is now offering up the best war film since then, and no, it isn't Christopher Nolan's recent effort Dunkirk. Although the film has been highly praised, Dunkirk wasn't enough of a traditional blood-and-guts World War II offering for some - and besides, it's not been out long enough.


    Instead, you can see Mel Gibson's Oscar Award-winning film Hacksaw Ridge which offered up both a great story and just the right dose of gory action to keep war film purists entertained.

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